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Shop Virgin Hair Extensions

Our Indian hair extensions come from the temples of India. Once collected, the raw Indian hair is cleaned (removed of gray hair and nits) and is gently washed. We have improved the former product line with a stronger weft, more precise lengths, new textures and a new weight per pack (3.5oz). It’s the same 100% virgin remy hair you’re used to - no processing, no silicone coating - it’s all natural.

Our Straight, Wavy and Curly textures are completely natural, virgin Indian hair. The textures are natural (not manipulated or permed). Aside from a gentle washing, they are completely unprocessed. They are not dyed - they come in their natural virgin tone. Because of this, each piece will be slightly different from the next in both color and texture. These textures are available in a machine weft or hand-tied weft. 

To create the Spiral Curl and Relaxed Straight, we start with the same virgin Indian hair and use steam texturing to create the pattern. The hair maintains the virgin qualities but will be precisely patterned. Like straight, wavy and curly, these textures are also not dyed but are only available in machine wefted at this time.